“American, Brad Mormino has created a really solid album full of emotion.
If This Wasn´t My Town is definitely one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.
(Love Hurts Anyway is) a necessary purchase!”
----Tord Karlsson, MELODIC.NET, Sweden

“Brad’s voice is expressive and dynamic.”
----Richard Milne, WXRT Radio, Chicago, Illinois

“Brad has got a perfect melodic ‘rock’ voice, and the songs are quite good.”
----Gabor Kleinbloesem, STRUTTER ‘ZINE, The Netherlands

“I love your music, man...killer songs!! Please let me know which songs you prefer that I play on my radio show. Also, which song would you like me to use as a single for daily rotation!!”
----Federico Martinelli, RADIO ANTENNA 2, Clusone, Italy

“Love Hurts Anyway has shone a light on a very talented song writer and performer…the production is sensational.”
----Luigi Cisaria, GLORY-DAZE.COM, Aukland, New Zealand

“You sound great!! The CD is perfect for my format. This album is full of extremely interesting music and I enjoy it very, very much. I want you to know that I will definitely keep up on spreading the word about you amongst my listeners, and I will keep featuring your music very often in the program. Thanks again. Please keep me informed about any new CD. All the best!”
----J.L. Bueno, RADIO 80 FM "La Otra Musica", Cadiz, Spain

“Brad churns out a CD with balls that definitely has commercial potential!”
----Moreno Lissoni, SLAMROCKS.COM, Milan, Italy

“A product characterized by excellent compostions…an album that not only captures one’s ears, but the soul as well. For this reason, Love Hurts Anyway is definitely a recommendable product.”
----Gino Alache, ROCKUMWEB.COM, Lima, Peru


Strutter'zine - Gabor Kleinbloesem
Singer/songwriter Brad Mormino comes out of Illinois, USA and his debut CD contains poppy aor/poprock that sounds like a cross between RUSS IRWIN, DANNY WILDE, NELSON and a soft version of early MICHAEL MORALES. I had hoped for some rockier stuff, because Brad has got a perfect melodic 'rock' voice, and even the songs are quite good, but I still miss some of that electric guitar. Nevertheless, there's still enough to enjoy for fans of melodic poprock, just go check out songs like "What does it take?", "Bleed" and "If this wasn't my town". Brad is at his best however on songs like "All over again" (great midtempo AOR ballad, very strong tune) and the NELSON orientated uptempo melodic rocker "Stupid again" (very catchy). Those are really great songs and show Brad in a rockier mood. I can't say that about the popsong "I am alone" (a la GEORGE MICHAEL), the groovy "Been so long" or the EXTREME type of acoustic "Think of you", these are not the kind of songs a fan of melodic rock is waiting for. On the other hand, you can't deny that Brad is doing a good job writing as many various styles on one CD as possible. But hopefully next time he can do some more rock orientated songs like "Stupid again". Highly recommended to people who are into KYLE VINCENT or the very early THE BABYS stuff. More info at:
(Points: 7.0 out of 10) - Tord Karlsson
BRAD MORMINO - Love Hurts Anyway (Bred Records)
Imagine a mix between the mighty Loveless and the Nelson brothers. Throw in a little acoustic Poison. The result would be something very similar to this album. American Brad Mormino has created a really solid album full of emotion. Although there are a couple of uptempo rockers on offer it´s mostly laidback balladesque songs. "If this wasn´t my town" has Loveless written all over it and is already one of the best songs I´ve ever heard. Seriously! The Poison flavoured "What does it take?" and "L U 2" has me standing in front of the mirror immediately, banging away dreaming of Sunset Strip. There´s really only one thing to complain about, and it´s that drummachine. I thought you weren´t allowed to release an album with such a thing instead of a real drummer. But somehow I´m really pleased that Mr. Mormino did just that.
A necessary purchase! - Moreno Lissoni
Descritto come un incrocio tra TRAIN, MATCHBOX 20, MOTLEY CRUE e KENNY LOGGINS questo artista di origini italiane confeziona un CD con le palle, dal potenziale commerciale assicurato. Tredici tracce, due delle quali ricantate in italiano: il pop rock a-là DHAMM di "Sanguinare" e la mielosa "L'Amore Vero", ma sinceramente prefisco le versioni in inglese.
"Love Hurts Anyway", questo il titolo dell'album, parte con l'hit "Bleed" e presegue con il rockettino in stile RICHARD MARX/NELSON di "What Does It Take?", ma da dietro l'angolo spunta l'ombra di MITCH MALLOY che, oltre a ricordarlo fisicamente, lo si può sentire in brani come "L U 2" e il bellissimo aor di "All Over Again". La funkeggiante "Been So Long" ci conduce verso l'undicesima ed ultima song "Stupid Again", un party rock molto coinvolgente che mette la ciliegina sulla torta ad un album sopra la media. Che aspettate, visitate il suo sito e richiedete il CD!!! - Luigi Cisaria
Music has been an important part of Brad Mormino's life since he was a child with his parent's exposing him to many varied musical styles. Somewhere along the line he discovered rock and for the past ten years Brad has been drumming and singing in rock bands in Wisconsin and Chicago. For a while Brad had been harbouring a desire to pursue his own direction with his own material, the final outcome being 'Love Hurts Anyway'. It hasn't been an easy journey getting to this point and it is understandable that a number of the songs are quite personal and emotional, bundled up in a mostly acoustic pop/rock atmosphere reminiscent of Mitch Malloy and Mr Reality . While Brad has a good voice in the Mitch Malloy vein I think it his song writing ability that will take him further. Tracks such as 'Bleed', 'True Love' and 'I Am Alone' are very well written and performed, having a sound that would appeal to a wide audience. Brad also mixes in a couple of rockier tunes with 'L U 2' (particularly catchy chorus), Been So Long' and 'Stupid Again'. They're good songs, but I think Brad's major strength is in the more laid back reflective material. We are also treated to Italian versions of 'Bleed' and 'True Love', which are perhaps even better sung in Italian than in English. Hitting the Italian market might be a consideration. 'Love Hurts Anyway' has shone a light on a very talented song writer and performer. In the future I would hope to hear a full album in the style of tracks such as 'Bleed' and 'True Love' as these definitely have hit potential. However, that is my preference and doesn't detract from 'Love Hurts Anyway' being a nicely varied and entirely pleasurable listening experience.
Review By: Luigi Cisaria URL:
Rating: 9.0
Pro's: Plenty. For example the production is sensational and songs 'Bleed', 'True Love' & 'I Am Alone' are brilliant.
Con's: Hardly any, apart from the heavier tracks 'Been So Long' and 'Stupid Again' sounding a little out of place against the other material - not a major issue though.

ROCKUM– Gino Alache
Love Hurts Anyway is the debut album by American, Brad Mormino. It is a work of 12 songs characterized by excellent compositions and melodies in abundance.

Let me first start off by saying that Love Hurts Anyway excels in the quality of the production, and I would put it well above other albums I have heard during this year. The insert booklet is very good. It’s easy to read and well organized (I hate when they’re complicated).

The songs that really caught my attention are LU2 (excellent harmonies) and All Over Again.
To me, All Over Again, is absolutely the best song on the album because of its’ fantastic melodies and the contrasts that take it in various directions. Furthermore, and another noteworthy aspect of this album, is that there are two Italian songs (Sanguinare and L’Amore Vero, which are translations of the songs Bleed and True Love) which further emphasize the melodic strength of it.

In conclusion, Brad Mormino’ s melodic hard rock is done very well and merits special attention, especially from those who love good music. It’s an album that not only captures one’s ears, but the soul as well. For this reason, Love Hurts Anyway is definitely a recommendable product.




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